6 reason Why Bankruptcy Can Be A Good Idea

San Diego bankruptcy lawyers are always there to help you with your bankruptcy procedure whether it’s helping you in filling or representing you in court all can be handled by our professional bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego.

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6 Reasons why to choose bankruptcy

You can always choose a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer to know how bankruptcy can benefit you in different ways, also you read the following 6 points to know how bankruptcy can be a good idea:

Your creditors cannot harass you anymore

If you are suffering from harassment from creditors then in order to be protected by law filling for bankruptcy is the best option for you. When you file for bankruptcy there is an automatic stop on your creditors to stop taking money from you. Thus contact a good San Diego bankruptcy lawyer and file bankruptcy for you today.

You can get rid of many of your debts

Your debts like credit card bills, heavy personal loans, or huge medical bills, utility debt, and many other types of such balances will be gone. Bankruptcy will surely let you go off your debts and you might also save some of your assets.

You can keep some property

There is a list of exempt property that your creditor cannot ask for. You can keep this asset for yourself and start with your life. The whole aim of bankruptcy is to help the person

You want to keep your car with yourself

Suppose you have a car for yourself and you want to keep it with you is it possible? Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not be able to help you catch up on your payment so the stay will likely be temporary. As you want to save your car and house then Chapter 13 can provide you a way to catch up on late payments so you can keep a house, car, or other property.


Nobody will like to get evicted, but a bankruptcy filing can buy you more time. Bankruptcy can stop an eviction that’s still in the basic litigation process. But remember the stay will be temporary until unless you don’t wipe off your debts. Remember in most states, filing for bankruptcy won’t help if your landlord already has an eviction judgment against you.

Pay far less then you should have

The cost to file for bankruptcy is quite low in contrast to the amount of debt most people can discharge. Find out the cost of filing for Chapter 7 and how much you’ll pay for Chapter 13.

Get out of debt San Diego today with the help of the Bankruptcy Law Center and feel the benefit of filing bankruptcy yourself.

What are the different types of bankruptcy available?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most common bankruptcy plan which people choose for themselves. In this, the court value your assets and sell them to pay your creditors accordingly. Chapter 7 is very common, although your assets are sold some assets are not sold which comes under the exempt property list.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will surely affect your credit report and longer than chapter 13  so keep in mind. Mostly chapter 7 will be on your credit report for 10 years. Thus take this into factor when you filling for chapter 7 bankruptcy for you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Like chapter 7 where your assets are sold to pay to the creditors, chapter 13 does not do that. In this, you actually pay your creditors for a specific time. In chapter 13 a payment plan is made for you which can be of a maximum of 5 years and you need to pay to your creditors by earning yourself.

Whether its chapter 13 or 7, you will always require a professional who has knowledge and experience to help you in ways which not many people could for your bankruptcy. Freely contact Bankruptcy Law Center and choose yourself the best bankruptcy lawyer today to know the benefit of choosing a professional bankruptcy lawyer for you.